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Remediation Work

Over the last 20 years, homes in the area with stucco have begun to have anything from normal wear and tear to minimal and complete damage due to improper installation.

In some cases, the damage is affecting the structure as well as infiltrating the interior. Interior infiltration of moisture can result in a dangerous mold that can harm you and your family. Mold infiltration needs to be removed and treated.

Our expert team is here to help with all remediation steps of your home, beginning with the inside out. We have experienced carpenters on staff to fix structural damage if needed. We also are experts in resetting existing/new windows and doors.

Key indicators of stucco damage:

  1. Brown coloring or discoloration around windows, doors, rooflines, and walls.
  2. Leaking in and around windows and doors
  3. Crumbling in areas.
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